Why You Should Have a Photo Booth at your Corporate Event

Viral content = shareable content. And if you’re working on improving your company’s awareness, going viral can easily boost your brand visibility. But how can one create viral content? According to Social Pilot, visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media, and with the millions of selfies posted every day, what better wagon is there to jump on than branding those selfies?

Photo booths, like all other technology, are rapidly evolving and the things they can do are astounding! Rivertown Photo Booth’s Party Pro Booth, for example, is our most advanced social media genius with the capability to not only take awesome photos, GIFs, Boomerangs, and more, but gather valuable information from visitors and convert them into promising leads.

Let’s go through the journey of a consumer visiting your event – for this example, a trade show. The inviting screen of the photo booth bring them over to check it out and take a fun photo of themselves. They can capture a Boomerang, a GIF, or just a still photo with which we have created a beautiful design with your brand on it. They can apply some filters, and send the photo to themselves so they can share it.

This is the point where fun, interactive marketing presents an opportunity.

  • Emailing/Texting their photo to themselves: To retrieve their photo, they must enter in their phone number or email so we can send them a download link. Now you have that person’s contact information with which you can reach out to them.
  • They share that branded photo to their social media: Their face. Your logo. Consumers share their snapshot taken in our booth with your logo on it to all of their friends and family.
  • Gather information from your customers: With our booth’s unique survey functions, you can ask a few questions onsite to analyze how your customers perceive your event, where they’re from, or if they plan on returning to your event/location.

If you would like to have a photo booth activation at your next event, contact Rivertown Photo Booths today and let’s get started on something amazing!

Rivertown Photo Booths at The White Barn Venue

Friday, July 27th 2018

I had the pleasure of being invited to set up the photo booth at The White Barn Venue’s Open House/Grand Opening on Friday, and I was completely blown away! Conveniently located just outside of downtown Madison Indiana, the venue is surrounded by so many picturesque views that it would be almost impossible to have a bad background for photos! Brian and Shelly Dews who own this venue truly put so much thought and detail into every square inch – everywhere I looked I kept finding little details that pleased every shabby-chic loving bone in my body!

Walking into The White Barn Venue and up at the second floor seating area[/caption]

As I walked through the vendor drop-off entrance of the barn, I felt like I was walking into a bridal magazine. Not one inch of space was wasted, there were Pinterest-perfect decorations meticulously placed throughout the entire barn. My favorite piece of course was the chandelier! Who knew an old barn could look this amazing.

Literally everywhere I looked their was something that I loved. The distressed antique chairs at the head table were just so adorable, and they went well with the greenery down the runner of the table. Pretty lights, signage, and other decorative pieces that would make even Joanna Gaines swoon were all over the place. Check out the photos that I took before I set up the photo booth!

For this event, I knew I had to be set up the Portrait Style Booth quickly so I only packed a few props. I grabbed the trusty gold frame, a few of my custom signs that I made just for this event, and some pretty masks. Typically for a wedding, I’ll have tons of hats, glasses, boas, and a lot more signs to make sure everyone has something fun to wear for their photos.

We had gorgeous sunshine and the booth was right in the shade, so we didn’t need any external lighting for this event. We set up outside because there was several other vendors inside, but when I was walking around the barn before people started showing up, I saw plenty of really great spots to set up inside. I didn’t bring a backdrop either because I knew there would be perfect barn wood backdrops everywhere I looked!

If you want to see the photos from this event, head over to our Foto Share page!