Nights at the Seelbach

As many others did in the first few days of our brand new year, I spent a lot of time reflecting over 2018 and the company’s accomplishments. To my surprise, I realized that I actually started and ended the year set up at the Seelbach. I found myself called to the Seelbach three times throughout the year, in February and December.

Photo Credits from Seelbach Hotel Website

Night #1 – My First Huge Wedding

This night was monumental for me. In February of 2018 I was finally hired to do a stranger’s wedding. After a few events with family and friends – it was blowing my mind that this was now a legitimate business pulling in legitimate customers! And they were trusting me to be a part of their special day.

This event was in The Grand Ballroom of the Seelbach Hotel. An absolutely breathtaking ballroom located on the tenth floor of the building. Bursting at the seams with character and detail enough to transport you back to the days of Flapper Girls and Cuban Cigars, it was impressive enough to inspire F. Scott Fitzgerald himself for the Great Gatsby.

During his visits, Fitzgerald encountered gangster George Remus, who became the model for Jay Gatsby in “The Great Gatsby.” His experiences in The Seelbach’s elegant rooms inspired him to use the hotel as a model during the writing of “The Great Gatsby.”

From the Seelbach Experience

Taking my crown of the Queen of Procrastination, the couple booked me Monday the week of their wedding. We quickly put together their background choice, template design, and props with time to spare. I unfortunately did not snap any photos during this event because I was so nervous about running it! My cool confidence developed later on in the year!

Night #2 – Budweiser’s Kentucky Repeal Day 2018

Flash forward to December 5, National Repeal Day of 2018. This event was the second of a two-part series put on by Anhauser-Busch, Budweiser to promote Repeal Day. Every year on the anniversary of Repealing the 18th Ammendment, they want to celebrate our right to drink!

The event was to be full blown 1920s Prohibition Theme, and what better location than the Rathskeller Room in the Seelback Hotel. I designed a custom filter to create a vintage look to the photos, and designed the template to suit the brand’s mission. They had dancers dressed to the nines, live bands emitting sounds that seemed to be straight from East Egg, and bourbon and beer for every legal and able body who came through the door.

Got to spend a lot of time with Event Photographer, Keni Parks, and she even got some pictures with me! Check out her fantastic work in the Lexington KY and surrounding areas

Of course, what would a Budweiser event be without a Clydesdale? Right on the sidewalk, a block away from Fourth Street Live, a towering Clydesdale proudly posed for photos and pats from fans of the beer and the beast alike.

Dressed in a festive Christmas blanket, this enormous Clydesdale got to meet and get loved on by dozens of people strolling by

The night went amazingly well, for a Wednesday night there were tons of people coming in to enjoy the complementary drinks and appetizers offered by Budweiser, and the costumes were amazing! So many couples came in with Flapper dresses, large feathered headbands, mobster style suits, and even a genuine vintage handbag!

Probably one of my favorite events to date for sure.

Night #3 – The Unattended Booth

The third and final night at the Seelbach in 2018 was an unattended photo booth activation for a major company out of New Albany, and we were again down in the Rathskeller Room! This time we were set up in the foyer area. Perfect spot for people to stop by, snap a GIF or Burst, and instantly send it to their phones and share online!

The Party Pro fits anywhere and everywhere!

I encountered a minor snafu right after we dropped the booth off at the venue, and I knew it would take longer for me to try to get back to the Rathskeller than it would for me to walk someone through it over the phone (which if you’ve tried to drive on Fourth Street… While it is under construction… And during a concert/game night… You understand my grief!). But luckily some of the SWEETEST people in the industry work there and I was able to walk her through and resolve an issue. (Judy Fay in banquets is the real MVP!)

In all seriousness, every employee I encountered during all three events was extremely kind and accommodating to myself and the other guests. I would highly recommend this venue to anyone looking for a spot with glitz, glam, and a rich history! By the way, if you want to know anything spooky about the place, ask the security guards – they see and hear everything!

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