Roaming Photo Booth

Woman holding roaming photo booth for group of people who are posing

Why go to the photo booth when the photo booth can come to you? With our new Roaming Photo Booth, one of our friendly and outgoing attendants will roam about your party encouraging guests to snap and share their photos!

This photo booth combines the abilities of the Party Pro Booth with custom templates and instant sharing, but with full mobility!

The Real Power Couple

If you have a really large event, consider having both our Party Pro Booth and the Roaming Photo Booth to create the next great power couple!

Here we have the Roamer at J Wagner Group‘s Bowl for the Roses Event, sponsored by White Claw! We took over 200 images in a short three hour span, all shared over text and email to the party goers. We had an animated template, and custom attract screen inviting guests to participate in the Party Pro. The Roamer of course had a friendly attendant roaming the crowd!