Slow Motion Video Booth

Louisville's Choice in Slow Motion Photo Booth

Making its first debut at the Muhammed Ali Center, our Slow Motion Video Booth here to party! The dancers at Louisville Ballet danced and twirled for hours testing out our high quality 240 frames per second slow motion camera and instant sharing!

Slow Motion - Instant Sharing

After you’ve choreographed the perfect dance session and allowed our booth to do the slow motion magic, head over to our instant sharing kiosk and be ready to go viral! Share your new video via text, email, or AirDrop – download and share out to all your friends! The separate kiosk also helps get more people through the booth, meaning more output per event.

ipad kiosk with several people holding phones waiting for their photos and videos
People gathered around sharing station and laughing, holding drinks

Shareable Content = Viral Content

Creating shareable branded content can be exhausting. Why not let your potential clients do it for you? Turn each photo booth guest into a micro-influencer for your brand as they share their experiences in live time – with your branding right along with it. We can easily integrate any cool experience, product, props, background, and people to make awesome content that people cannot wait to share. 

Microsite & Data Collection

Like a spy in the field – our booth is a data collection genius disguised as a fun interactive event! Poll your prospects with our survey feature, build your subscriber list with email collection, and strut your brand with our branded microsites. 

#MyMalortFace - Trifecta Gala 2019

Raise the Barre 2019